Hi loves,

I’m enjoying all these articles going around the Internet this week about the fixed self being a myth — science proves Buddhism right, and apparently we’re utterly mutable. Surprise! Glad science keeps coming around to prove things we already experientially know to be true.

As I learn things and read things and have ideas, I’ve found myself missing the outlet of epistolary discussion, missing blogging and the exchange of ideas that medium provides. I don’t miss a lot of things about blogging, largely writing about difficult topics where I felt constantly on the defensive for decisions I was making and who I was becoming and why. I’m not the same person and I’m not interested in the same things as I was when I was writing here.

But I do miss writing regularly, and I miss having an outlet where I talk about things on my own terms, openly. So I want to try an experiment by starting a TinyLetter, a place where I can be a little more honest than I can on my clean and proper Peace Corps blog, where I talk about ideas that catch my attention, books I’m reading, food I’m eating or cooking, things that inspire or challenge me. I’m going to be unapologetically myself, so there may be some surprises if you’re not a close friend who’s been around the last year or so. I don’t expect everyone who liked my writing before I left church for good to like what I have to say now, and that’s okay.

But if you want to play along, you can subscribe below. I’ll send out my first one next week.



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